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Important Dates
2018 Exams
May 7 - 12
November 5 - 10
category b - informal courses in upper extremity therapy

Informal Courses in Upper Extremity Therapy, Less Than 3 Hours in Length

Maximum accepted: 30 hours per 5-year accrual cycle

Description of Activities: Category B encompasses courses covering the most critical content areas in the evaluation and treatment of patients with upper extremity injuries or conditions as in Category A but are less formal and shorter in length. They include non-CEU courses and CEU courses that grant less than 3 contact hours. Examples of these courses are employer-related continuing education, in-service courses, journal clubs, and study groups. Observation of surgery (no matter how many hours were observed) should be entered in this category with verification from the surgeon. The content must address topics consistent with Category A.

Contact Hours Awarded

  • 1 contact hour = 1 clock hour of education

Acceptable Proof

Submit written verification of attendance signed by a supervisor or course coordinator containing:

  1. Your name
  2. Date(s) of attendance
  3. Title of course
  4. Subject matter
  5. Hour(s) of the course (minus breaks and meals)
  • A sign-in sheet may be used for proof as long as it is legible and includes the information above.