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2018 Exams
May 7 - 12
November 5 - 10
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  • Professional Development and Work Experience Credit for participation as a hand therapist on a hand surgical trip or educational program in a developing country: up to 10 hours per week of formal and informal teaching in Cat E plus 30 hours per week towards work experience or 40 hours per week towards hand therapy work experience.
  • If you work full time as a hand therapy educator, you may submit those hours in lieu of clinical hours for the first recertification cycle.
  • If you are submitting teaching hours for work hours, they no longer need to be only at the university level - any formal teaching hours directly related to hand therapy may be submitted.
  • CHTs deployed by the military may apply for an automatic two-year extension following their tour of duty to allow time to complete the recertification requirements.
  • Your new accrual cycle for professional development hours begins the day your recertification application is approved.
  • CHTs can now earn credit for reviewing articles in professional journals, or serving on an editorial review board.
  • A maximum of 20 hours can be submitted per recertification cycle for courses in alternative or complementary medicine in Category C.
  • A maximum of 6 hours can be submitted per recertification cycle for courses such as CPR training, health & safety courses and courses related to practice management in Category F.